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Hospital Beds

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Oxygen and other Resources

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Medical Help

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Who We Are

Citizens’ Covid War-Room is an attempt to facilitate families and patients in need of verified leads to resources during India's second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to provide patients and families in distress some relief by doing the work - searching and verifying resources - before handing individuals in need with the required information. 

What We Do


We use our social media pages as help centers for people in search of verified resources. We are also always trying our best to guide people and amplify information they might find useful during the pandemic - be it medical advice, verified information, or official Government announcements. 


CCWR tries to ensure the gap is bridged between people closest to the real patient in need, and the resource required. With one-on-one support from aware and active Citizen volunteers, CCWR provides time-efficient verified leads based on a person’s location and requirement anywhere in India. 


With the help of, we are running a fundraiser to facilitate Covid help for the underprivileged in India. We aim to help those in need of funds for Covid-19 treatment, and people who have lost an earning member in the pandemic, with no means to make ends meet.

What People Say


Anubhav Singh, Volunteer

"A dedicated, hard-working team of like-minded people who've made every effort to look out for others in such tough times."


Akanksha Rathi, Volunteer

"Focused on making a difference, one day at a time. Their idea of bringing more people together for a worthy cause makes me proud to be a part of the team!"

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Mansi Ghuwalewala, Volunteer

"CWR has given me a chance to help people at a time when I was feeling most helpless, and I've been able to see my efforts work and convert into real-time results here."


Privil Rodrigues, Volunteer

"They're always looking for ways to better how they work, and the CWR team has been solution-oriented from the start. It's a pleasure to work with them!"