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Who We Are

Citizen's Covid War Room is an attempt to facilitate families and patients in need of verified leads to resources. Since our healthcare services are completely overwhelmed across the country, CWR’s aim is to provide patients and families in distress some relief by doing the work - searching and verifying resources - before handing individuals in need with the required information. 


The initiative began on 23rd April 2021. With a team of 100 volunteers and growing, CWR links people to credible information from valid Government, state-provided resources, and hospitals, be it medical resources or aided facilities. In the coming days, CWR aims to facilitate procurement of resources such as plasma, hospital ICU beds and oxygen, along with accessibility to free medical advice, mental health counselling, post-Covid recovery advice, and other information on essentials. The little endeavour initially started out as just filtering data, streamlining and putting the word out. Through this process, the CWR team soon realised how difficult things were, and started gaining support, expanding their scope of work. 


What makes them different?

CWR tries to ensure the gap is bridged between people closest to the real patient in need, and the resource required. With one-on-one support from aware and active citizen volunteers, CWR provides time-efficient verified leads based on a person’s location and requirement across India.  

Our Team

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